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Welcome to the EmeryLincoln Support page. On this page we will describe the different membership plans, show you how the seller flow works, and provide an FAQ. Becoming an author on EmeryLincoln is a great decision!  And we are here to assist you in growing and prospering as a writer. Welcome to the mountaintop!!

*Special Note…


As with any eBook, in order to read your eBook, you will need an eBook Reader for your device.

Some recommendations are:

eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

Librera Reader: e-book reader


Amazon Kindle: ebook reader

Membership Plans




*You must Register as a Seller before you can purchase a Membership Plan.

About the Membership Plans

Our Membership Plans are set up in such a way that everyone can be a part of EmeryLincoln. Our aim is to give different choices to authors so that you can grow as a writer and creator of the life you truly want to live!

All Membership Plans are to be renewed on a monthly basis. Each plan offers different features and are at different price points.

The Silver Membership Plan is a great offer to start getting your books out right away… at absolutely no cost to you. This was an option that was very important to me because I wanted to have a wide open door for authors to get going right away…I remember the days when I put all I had into getting a book finished and I just wanted to GET THE BOOK OUT…without extending myself further, or getting involved in more details! With the Silver Membership Plan, you can get started with a royalty payment of 50% of the selling price per book sold; this plan also lets you sell unlimited books, have your own Seller Dashboard, Author Store and Social Media links.

The Gold Membership Plan is a special plan to me because it represents a breakthrough. You see, on other eBook selling platforms, I never had a choice or option to grow and progress in such a clear and simple way as this. With The Gold Membership Plan you now will receive 75% of the selling price of your book(s) back!  What’s sweet about this, is that you don’t have to earn ‘brownie points’ or sell a certain amount of books to get this percent; you can start off…out the gate…getting 75% back for each and every eBook and audiobook you sell…period!  In addition, you will also be able to sell unlimited books, have a Seller Dashboard, Author Store, Social Media links and also have a book of your choice featured on the Home Page under the Featured Authors section!

The Diamond Membership Plan is for those writers who want to go more in-depth and get more out of their experience here on EmeryLincoln. The most obvious feature of this plan is that you get 100% of the selling price of your books back!!! That means if you sell a book for $50.00 you will get $50.00 back…plain and simple! That is unheard of! Even with the price of this plan, you can achieve enormous prosperity and success. Do your own math and you will see how this plan is set up to help your grow and prosper to an awesome degree. For example, if you are already selling books, depending on what you set your prices at, you could pay for the price of this membership plan with a couple of book sales! Then the rest of the money from book sales in that given month is yours! Or, if you are just starting out as an author, this would be a great plan to jump start your creative will propel you forward very fast!

You will also be able to sell unlimited books, have a Seller Dashboard, Author Store, Social Media links and get a book of your choice featured as a SPOTLIGHT BOOK on the Home Page…which highlights a book in a very noticeable way and in more detail. And for the Diamond Membership Plan we are thrilled to offer book formatting! Yes, as part of this plan, you can have up to 30,000 words formatted per month! The formatting will be for digital book readers. In order to have the book you wrote be able to be read in a digital format on an eBook reader, it needs to be formatted specifically for that. This solves the common problem that many authors have of writing a book but not having it in a form or file format to be read or sold as an eBook. WOW…this Diamond Membership Plan is an awesome thing indeed!

All of the Membership Plans are great in their own right. Select the Membership Plan that best suits you and brings you the most fulfillment…and let’s get started!

Nathan Wallace, CEO & Founder 

The Seller Flow

This section explains how to register and upload your books to the website…what we call The Seller Flow.

You must register and purchase a Membership Plan BEFORE you can upload your eBooks and Audiobooks.

 ***You cannot use the same email address to register as a customer and a seller, you must use different email addresses for each account.***

 Guidelines about file types and upload sizes:

(Follow these instructions so that your content will be uploaded correctly and function properly on the website).

*Only upload MP3 files for audio.
*Only upload jpg files for images.
*Images need to be less that 1MB in size. Images should be compressed (in order to reduce the weight of the image).
*Only upload EPUB files for downloadable ebooks and the files must be zipped.
*Only upload a PDF file for your short eBook preview that is not zipped.
*Only upload a single zipped file for your downloadable audiobook.
*The audiobook preview must be a short MP3 file that is not zipped. 
*The size for the ebook cover image must be 1200 by 1875 pixels.
*The maximum single upload size is 450MB.

And check this out (less is more)…

* ‘Product Name’ (Title of your Book): Less than 15 words (70 characters).
* eBook Preview requirements: PDF file of less that 400 words ( 2,250 characters).
* Audiobook Preview requirements:  Mp3 file of less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. File size must be less than 3 MB.
* ‘Product Description’ requirements: less that 270 words ( 1,701characters).
* ‘Product short description’: 20 words or less (55 characters)
* ‘About the Author’ and ‘About’ descriptions: less that 140 words ( 833 characters).
* Author or shop picture needs to be 512 x 512px and a jpg file.
* The image size for the Shop Banner must be 1200 x 500px and it must be a jpg file.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Sellers who do not follow these guidelines are subject to having their content removed without prior notice or a refund.


You can pay with credit or debit card or PayPal. To pay with any of these, on the CHECKOUT Page, go under the ‘Payment‘ section and click the box in front of the word PayPal, then click on the black button that says ‘PROCEED TO PAYPAL‘ after that you will be taken to the PayPal website and here you can choose how to pay.

***Do NOT click on the credit card icons to the right of the word PayPal under the ‘Payment ‘ section on the CHECKOUT Page. These are only there for demonstration purposes.

See images below:

Now, let's get started with the Seller Flow... 🙂

1). Register as a Seller on the ‘My Account Page’. You get to the ‘My Account Page’ by clicking on ‘LOGIN’ or ‘SIGN UP’ in one of the Footers, or selecting ‘SELLER DASHBOARD’ from the header menu at the top of the page under the ‘HOME’ tab. Then under the ‘Register’ section click ‘I Am a Seller’  and fill out the appropriate fields.
*To get your unique Seller url, just click inside of the box under where it says: Shop URL
2). After Registering, you will receive a welcome email with your user name and password. VERY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST LOG OUT AND LOG BACK IN WITH THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD EMAILED TO YOU. This is how you will get to your Dashboard as a Seller.
3). Once on your Seller Dashboard, first purchase your Membership Plan by clicking on Membership Plans’ in the menu column on the left-hand side of the ‘Seller’ Page (Seller Dashboard).
Once you have placed the order, you will see “Thank you. Your order has been received.” on your Checkout Page.
Now go back to your Seller Dashboard; once there, click on ‘Activated Plans’ on the left-hand side of the page to confirm that your plan is active.
Now you are ready to add your eBooks and audiobooks along with their cover artwork; and also to create your Author Store 🙂
*For a detailed explanation of the Membership Plans, see previous on this Support Page.
4). ADDING CONTENT: You will need to add 2 different types of content:
    a). The Previews of your eBook and Audiobook.
    b). The actual downloadable eBook and audiobook that the customer will be purchasing.
    *eBook/audiobook cover art is uploaded once.
Start by selecting ‘Add Books’ from the column on the left on your Seller Dashboard. Then, once on that page, CLICK THE RED CIRCLE WITH THE PLUS SIGN (in the top right corner) in order to begin adding content.


Now follow these steps to add your content:

    1). Click on ‘Choose Categories’ and select the categorie(s) your content is under. And then select the ‘Product Type’ and choose ‘Variable Product’ from the drop down menu.  Then click on NEXT.
2). Then,  under the words ‘Product Name’, add the title of your book. Next under ‘About Product’, add a full description of your book.
     Next, under ‘Product Thumbnail’, click on ‘Upload Thumb’ to upload your ebook/audiobook cover artwork. Then under ‘Product SKU’ add 3 characters that are unique to the content you are uploading; then under ‘Product Short Description’  add a very short description of your book of 10 words or less.
Now click the ‘SAVE’ button.
3). Now,  click on the ‘Product Status’ tab near the top of the page, then fill in your book’s meta data then click on the word ‘Edit’ underneath the meta data field.
4).  Now, click on the drop down ‘Draft’ Bar to the right and under ‘Select Status’ select ‘Online’ then click on the word ‘OK’
Then click on the boxes for ‘Virtual Product’ and ‘Downloadable Product ‘.
Now add the ‘Regular Price’ and the ‘Sale Price’ for the downloadable audiobook THEN add the ‘Regular Price’ and the ‘Sale Price’ for the downloadable eBook… this must be done in this order.
***There will be a hyphen that displays in between two prices. The price on the left of the hyphen is the selling price of your audiobook and the price on the right side of the hyphen is the selling price of your eBook. This will be clearly designated on your Product Page. If you have only one product for sale, there will not be a hyphen there.   
5). Now upload your pdf eBook preview by clicking the black ‘PDF eBook Preview’ button. Then upload your audiobook preview (as an MP3 File only) by clicking the black ‘Audiobook Preview’ button.
Next under the ‘Downloadable Files’ section, click ‘Choose file’ to upload your audiobook first; then on the line underneath, click on ‘Choose file’ again to upload your eBook, second. These two uploads are downloadable and will go to your customers.
 Finally, click on the black ‘UPDATE’ button to publish your ebook/audiobook!                                      
*You will then be returned to the Edit Tab where you will see the message: ‘Product Updated Successfully’.
You can check your content by clicking on  ‘Add books’ in the column on the left-hand side of your Seller Dashboard Page; or by just going to the Home Page.

***Customers*** 🙂

To purchase eBooks or audiobooks is rather self explanatory.

You can pay with any credit or debit card, and also with

1).  Just click on the item you want from the Home or Shop Page.
Then on that item’s Product Page, choose either audiobook or eBook (online book) from the two icons in the middle of the page.

2).  Click the black ‘Buy Now’ button to add the item to your cart at the top right-side of the page in the header.

Then follow the common steps to purchase…



3).  Once on your Checkout Page, you will get a confirmation. 



And under the ‘Downloads’ section, to the right you will see a large black bar with your item’s name in it, that you click to download your purchase.

Check your email for your receipt and Enjoy!

*As a customer, you do not have to create an account in order to purchase products.

You can login by either clicking on the Login button in the footer or hoover over  the ‘HOME’ tab in the header menu and select ‘LOG IN / REGISTER’ from the drop down sub-menu.

Author Store

The Author Store is pretty self explanatory.
Just click on ‘Seller Profile’ from your Seller Dashboard and you will be taken to the page where you can add and update your account information, social media links and upload content for your Author Store.
*Your author or shop picture needs to be 512 x 512px and uploaded in the ‘Shop Logo’ selection in the ‘Image’ tab. 
*The image size for the shop banner must be 1200 x 500px and it must be a jpg file.

*Check the box on the right above the banner image toShow banner on seller page‘. 


Most frequently questions and answers

Emerylincoln is an non-fiction eBook and audiobook selling website.

EMERYLINCOLN is not a specific person. The name EMERYLINCOLN is a combination of two different names: EMERY is the first name of the CEO & Founder’s father; and LINCOLN is the first name of the CEO & Founder’s grandfather (mother’s side).

EMERYLINCOLN, has a very dynamic and accessible pricing structure. Just about everyone can find a Membership Plan that works for them. The membership Plans start out at $0 /month. The SUPPORT PAGE goes into detail about the SILVER, GOLD AND DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP PLANS. 

Non-fiction books are sold here on EMERYLINCOLN. There are virtually an unlimited selection of genres…from Personal Transformation, Health and Fitness, Biography, Finances, Cooking, History, etc, etc…
EMERYLINCOLN does NOT sell or allow pornography of any kind on it’s platform; and EMERYLINCOLN reserves the right to refuse any book or author from being on this platform, for any reason.

No. You must select a Membership Plan BEFORE you are able to upload books to this website for sale. A full discussion of the Membership Plans and the process of registering, uploading and selling your books is located on the SUPPORT PAGE.

YES. There is a free option, it’s called THE SILVER MEMBERSHIP PLAN. It’s described on the SUPPORT PAGE. 

As many eBooks and audiobooks as you like.

NO. Emerylincoln does not and will never own any copyrights to any books (including audiobooks) placed or sold on it’s website. See our TERMS OF USE.

You have the option of requesting a pay out at anytime from your Seller Dashboard. The requested amount must be at least $5.00. Otherwise you will be paid at the end of every calendar month. The money will be sent to you by direct deposit.

NO. EMERYLINCOLN  does NOT give refunds or exchanges. See our TERMS OF USE.

It’s the programs way of showing that you have 2 different products for sale.  The price on the left of the hyphen is the selling price of your audiobook and the price on the right side of the hyphen is the selling price of your eBook. This will be clearly designated on your Product Page. If you have only one product for sale, there will not be a hyphen there. 

Check to see if you created the correct account; only Seller Accounts can purchase a Membership Plan.

As with any eBook, in order to read your eBook, you will need an eBook Reader for your device.

Some recommendations are:

eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

Librera Reader: e-book reader